Welcome to My World


I have way too many thoughts and care about far too many causes! Sometimes I have questions & sometimes I have solutions. Other times I just like being an observer ( I guess seven years of being a science student conditions me to be this way). Most of the time I’m required to write academically, but my mind explodes every day, with feelings and awe, which requires another kind of thought and language. So in-between thesis writing, I visit the more creative part of me. So here you will find my wonderment & frustrations, appreciation and advice, knowledge, inspiration, raves about ancient philosophy ,  travelling & discovering new destinations, life in general, processing thought, deciding what’s good for us, and how to keep striving for ultimate freedom!

This is also a platform for me to keep track of my thoughts, and stick to the things that really give me life. Writing is one of them, something I can return to any time. And most of the time you’ll find me hand-writing on paper before transposing it to my blog.

Oh! And please see the “Recipe”Menu, which links to my Yummie Veggie blog- I also like food! More importantly, I enjoy healthy and yummy food, and believe in eating for the planet. Check it out 🙂