Women’s Equality Day

Today we celebrate women’s equality day! Wohoo!!

Okay but really, I often ask myself, should we be celebrating? What is with celebrating by having a spa day, demanding flowers and special treatment “because it’s women’s day”. I’m not saying this is wrong. All I’m saying is, really look at WHY this day exists. It’s not a pamper day ladies, it’s a cry for help. By all means treat yourself, be treated. But what are you really doing to further the cause for equality, and women empowerment?

Historically, we know that women have been oppressed. Even today, in many countries around the world women are treated differently to men, whether its lower pay, expectations of her body, behaviour and capabilities, the clothes she wears and objectification. This is not cool at all. Times are changing and people are slowly but surely waking up to this and pushing for change. The burkini thing in France was just pathetic, I can’t believe a person could be forced to remove their clothes for any reason!!  Cultural dress is going to need its own blog post.

Before I ramble too much, I want to say to all the women out there: BE YOU. Be unapologetic, bold, successful and proud. But there are two sides to every coin. Yes, men have had too much limelight, but there are good guys out there who respect women and  fight for justice and act to empower women every day (more than some women I know) . We should not lose hope and respect for men, whilst placing women on the pedestal they historically deserve. I realise this could be said for any movement where you get the oppressors and the oppressed, and that there are exceptions to almost every rule, but if you know a man who’s aware & active, you gotta acknowledge it. To keep ourselves sane in fighting for any form of justice and gender equality, we cannot harbour any hatred. Frustration, yes- This can fuel much needed change, but no hatred, please.

Nobody enjoys catcalling, abuse, violence, stereotypes and judgement, so let’s all aim to stop doing these things and to call it out when we see it! Also, woman does not need a reason to say NO. Please guys, give us some space to feel safe and secure walking the streets or going out.

And Women, you do not have to be the laundry lady, cleaner, cook and baby-maker, you are whoever you want to be- no expectation attached. At the end of each day you should be at peace with who you are and what you stand for, because you are your own best friend. Nobody is going to fulfill you as much as you do.

I really long for the time where we do not need a day to think about issues like gender equality, or even mothers day, earth day, etc. Every day we need to conscientise ourselves and really live the values we regard so highly in our heads. But of course, it’s nice to propel mass action by having a dedicated day for a cause, so let’s use these as platforms to create awareness and to think and talk, until it becomes an everyday thing.

Stay beautiful.



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