10 Lines on Love

The beautiful thing we call love is shrouded in ego and desire – the hope of advantage, a cycle of craving and demand, and when the demand is not satisfied, the love comes to an end. This brings suffering, disappointment and disillusion. And then you hear people say, “I never want to date again”. This is because although there may have been something genuine, the distortions of love and hints of selfishness have destroyed it: This stems from ignorance. 

So then what is real and reliable love? Does it exist? We’re talking about the romantic kind of love here, not so much the ‘love is your essence’ philosophy- We’ll leave that for another time. It’s probably not the first time you’ll hear, love is the ‘what can I do for you’ attitude. It should simply embrace, unite, help, upraise and nurture.

It is easier said than done, but as long as we know what we’re aiming for and work towards it, I think we’re good.


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