Water: Our Composition & Our Solution

The human body is composed of 70% water. Our brains are about 85% water.

I particularly love water, I order it wherever I go. The earliest I can trace this habit back to was when I was a baby and my mother ‘incentivised’ me to eat by using water in a spoon. Little did I realise, as soon as I excitedly opened my mouth for water, a spoonful of food would suddenly appear instead. My mother is a wise woman.

So water…

You know when they say our moods are affected by the moon? Regardless of whether you believe this, think about it: The moon has a sway on the most massive water body, the ocean. And I laughed when I saw a post saying we are basically cucumbers with anxiety – that’s how much water is in us. So naturally, we are impressionable, to say the least.

Our energy, biological mechanisms and feelings are influenced by water.

Water can also be used to bring more balance to our blood pH, since much of our diets consist of fast foods and particularly acidic foods, such as spices, rice and even milk. It’s been traced back to Ayurveda, the ancient science of life, and Gurus whose examples we mostly dream of emulating. So we can make our own alkaline water which is purely lemon, cucumber added to water. Other possible benefits of alkaline water are:

  • Fluid retention in cardiovascular system
  • Decrease of urine output and blood osmolality (linked to high risk of stroke)
  • May improve overall hydration status in active people over time.

Also, warm water is particularly good for us as it  helps our tissues expand allowing digestive enzymes to flow easily. Cold water on the other hand, does the opposite. To be honest, I do not enjoy warm water, nor do I like the taste of hot lemon or the feeling of floating lemon segments in my water, but I definitely think there is a something greater to this… We should really start thinking more about these simple, inexpensive ways to healthier bodies.

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