Lacking Inspiration?

I haven’t written anything in the past few days, and I must admit I’ve been less inspired than usual. I can’t pinpoint what it is, but I did notice fluctuations in my mind. So I decided to write about my lack of inspiration, in attempt to retrieve it. Maybe this is something you’ve felt too.

Sometimes when we are upset or angry, even the most beautiful sunset isn’t so great. The loveliest sight goes unappreciated. But who ever wants to feel this way? When I feel myself spiraling into an unappreciative mentality, I remind myself about the things I love. Because if you think about it, when we get upset, its a momentary lapse of love – Well, that’s what it feels like. Love is all around us, inspiration is all around us. We just need an eye for it. Sometimes, being ungrateful, complain-full, being in draining company or taking things for granted is a cloud that can quickly shadow the inspiration around us.

The crucial thing is to not get stuck there! For your own sake. Whether you or someone else dulled your shine, it is almost always your responsibility to pick your spirits up again. 

You need to gently (or forcefully) remind yourself that the sun is a pretty awesome thing, and how lucky you are to be able to read, see, hear, walk even, and simply enjoy  life the way you can. It’s not saying “There are others who are worse off than me”but it’s more an acknowledgement of the good things you do and have experienced. And you may think, some people have it all, but this is rarely the case.

The other thing that could help bring back inspiration is, a variation of “This too shall pass”. You know when you see people out on the beach or restaurants while you’re running around with a million things to do? And you wonder, don’t these people have work to do?! Well I’m sure sometimes that’s us chilling out while others pass by wishing it was them. It’s the same in relationships. Sometimes you want to throw rocks at happy couples ‘cos you’re alone and wish you weren’t  (Come on, admit it) and other times you ARE that couple. It’s funny. We often want what others have, or we want what is easy, convenient, and more pleasurable, and are seldom happy with where we are. But quite honestly,  thinking that way really doesn’t help anyone! There will be pairs of opposites in life. I guess we can dream of the eternal summer, but nature doesn’t work that way! Let’s ride the wave and stop wondering “when will I be happy?”. It is also quite possible that you could already be happy yet not realise it! Because maybe your idea of happiness is screaming from the mountain tops or dancing around the streets. Is  that really what it is though? Whilst you could ( should) do this, finding a bit of grounding in any situation can really bring contentment and then inspiration begins to flow again.

Inspiration can be seen in smallest things. But, essentially, it can only be projected from you. So I just learned that we are both the problem and the solution. Ha!


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