The Real Life Goddess

Aspects of the Hindu forms of God sometimes appear with many hands. Especially the Goddess forms. Simply, it’s symbolic of her power, strength, abilities, and dynamism. And she still looks so calm. I’ve noticed that women are able to do this very naturally.

This image is certainly not saying what a woman should do, in fact I’m completely against instances where women are forced or expected to do things. But this image is rather all the things she CAN do, and how it’s done with love, not by command or out of anger. I know Powerful women like this.

Choice is becoming more practiced, and in this patriarchal society, where many women refuse to take on such roles, this should be understood. But let’s be honest, the nurturing quality a woman has is highly unprecedented, and I believe it should be expressed and shared to show a new meaning of love. One that also doesn’t take any bullsh*t.

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