Memory Stored Over Generations

As a kid I used to wonder why I had to learn history. And my dad used to say, so we can understand and appreciate our present! I hated learning dates and the depressing events of history, and struggled to fathom why schools were doing this to us! I still have an issue with the kind of history taught in schools, because many civilisations have been left out the history books, and these often consist of oppressed groups and unsung heroes. Let’s also get this straight, Hitler was not the only tyrant, although everyone knows the story of the Holocaust. This link: speaks of Europe’s forgotten Hitler, responsible for genocide. How many more exist that were erased from our past by Westernization?

Racism, war, and oppression are not new concepts, it’s just that the cameras are new.

People are now documenting and speaking out about what is happening in our world. This was not always the case. I came across an amazing quote by my hero who explains it in a more positive light:

“One thing you should know is that you are very lucky. You are in a time where you are leading the world. You are in a time that will go down in history as a big transition from a self-centered, hardened society to a beautiful world.” -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

This is BIG! And I believe it 100%.

So back to the history- As I grew up,  I saw around me, how deeply entrenched trauma and grief of our ancestors are, manifesting in bodies and minds, fueling action and change. Genetically this is proven. There was an experiment done with non-human animals which showed how trauma was carried in genes from one generation to the next. Fascinating. That’s on the science end, but to look at it in a more esoteric way , we carry karmic patterns of the past especially of those in our lineage. No wonder sadness comes out of ‘nowhere’ and we suddenly experience anger, frustration, and sometimes the need to change the world around us! I really do believe that this is not solely based on our own experiences, there is something deeper that manifests our thoughts and actions in this life. The scars of our ancestors are deeply embedded in us, and it’s our duty to bring justice whilst we are on the planet.

The good thing is that this can be purified and freedom can also be achieved on the spirit plane.  I’ve heard that some meditations can free one from misery and trauma on a cellular level. And let’s not forget the material world  where we simply cannot forget select memories, that are crucial to drive action. But we also can work to forgive, and bring change, for the sake of our own peace… And even to our future generations.

So a little lesson i’d like to share is that we should question until we get answers, and use our history to leave a legacy, and create a more peaceful and fair society.

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