Can we eliminate evil?

Can We Eliminate Evil?

Thoughts from Through the Wormhole series.

Moral code is programmed into us and we are born with empathy. It’s just more spontaneous in some. We have built in morality but its fragile, however, we can strengthen our willpower and long term decision-making (Proven).

1. If you have the genetics of a killer will you necessary become a killer? No. even though you can inherit high risk genes. Why? Nurture can win over Nature (Proven).
2. Can we make ‘evil’ people good? Yes (Proven). Brains can be given an electric shock. (And meditation 😉 )
3. Can we control evil behaviours with drugs? Yes. Spiked with DNA for behaviour modification
4. Criminals are judged on results not intentions. Problematic in identifying serial killers or not and deciding on suitable punishment
5. We have preference for similarity (Proven) explaining dehumanization of certain groups.
Apparently this is changing & we are living in the most peaceful time (Proven)
6. Are people nicer because they’re smarter?

So Can we Eliminate Evil? Well that would remain fantasy. But we can identify the dangerous and contain it, and reduce the damage it does to our lives.

Some of this is news to me 😉 don’t know about you…

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