Giving you 3 minutes of feel-good about our world right now.

It’s so easy for us to switch on the news, scroll through your news feed or skim over the newspaper and be bombarded with the terror and injustices that plague our society. So I’m here to do the opposite today ( And please know that  I acknowledge every injustice and struggle on our path, and stand in solidarity  against violence, terrorism, abuse and racism.)

Here is some really good and recent awesomeness that exists today in our world, hopefully it brings some happiness to your week, as it did to mine!

  1. The first person ever, in Britain, has just completed a clinical trial that eradicates HIV cells in the body! That means a very possible cure for HIV
  2. Botswana, the country with the most elephants, urges a ban on ivory trade, along with 12 other African elephant range states. Won’t it be incredible to save 30 000 elephants every year?
  3. India’s Sikkim state has been awarded 100% organic certification. This means farming methods are kinder and food is healthier and more natural here. Other regions are also being challenged to move in this direction for a better future. Yay!
  4. Nobel Prize-giving is underway, and a physician just found a way to explain the complex topic of topology using a cinnamon bun, a bagel and a pretzel! Simple yet profound solutions huh. Also, on the Medal for physics and Chemistry, an engraved Goddess appears. Wow things are changing around here!
  5. It was found that a dandelion root extract has been proven to disintegrate cancer cells!! It is also generally very good for health, often in the form of tea. So many wishes are coming true!
  6. The Hindu festival of Navratri, the New Year in Islam and Rosh Hashana in Judaism all overlapped in timing this week. Not a coincidence, but a reminder that it’s a very special time for reflection, and the forces are with us, regardless. So put some good intention out there!
  7. A young lady from South Africa recently won the main prize at the International Google Science Fair, where she used orange peels to improve soil quality,preserve water and resist drought, thereby enhancing crops. Talent and compassion all in one, we have a bright future ahead of us!
  8. Global climate change action is on its way! 375 members of the National Academy of Sciences, including 30 Nobel Laureates, came together in an open letter to condemn Trump’s promise to withdraw. It is now more likely than ever that the Paris Agreement will come into full legal force before the next U.N. climate conference in November.

Keep your spirits high!

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