The Many-God Illusion & 10 lines on the forces of existence & energies of the universe.

Many people including some Hindus themselves still think that Hindsuism has many Gods. I’d like to correct that and explain the magnificence of 9 of the thousands of forms of divinity that is acknowledged. The forms and figures are symbolic of various energies, forces and, well…superpowers. So to put it simply, they are superhero energies.

This month is an auspicious one, where Navratri is celebrated in India and all around the world. It is a time for self-reflection, a time to be better, and start good habits, kind of like a really grand new year (except its a whole Nine days of celebration).

Nava means nine and Ratri means night, so it is the festival of nine nights. On these days the various forces are honoured and reflected upon. I will briefly break it down for you. It is just fascinating! The cool thing is, anyone can celebrate, and reflect. You don’t have to be Hindu or Indian to think about these things!

So during Navratri each of the 9 days honours a different (feminine) aspect of existence:

  1.  Shailapuri: Force associated with the peak or highest level of consciousness.
  2. Brahmacharini: That which has no beginning or end-an all pervading consciousness.
  3. Chandraghanta: The good & bad are both part of a collective whole, & steadiness of mind should consolidate toward one goal.
  4. Kushmanda: We are smaller than the smallest & largest than the largest-  An awakened intelligence manifest & pervading in all of creation.
  5. Skandamata: Wisdom & Action come together & action guided by knowledge.
  6. Kathyayini: A Divine force of unmanifest divinity that arises in subtle layers of creation against the negative to restore righteousness eg natural disasters, anger channeled to restore justice .
  7. Kaalaratri: Bestower of knowledge & dispassion
  8. Mahagauri: Epitome of beauty, fulfiller of all wishes & desires
  9. Siddhidhatri: Giver of extraordinary capabilities- Getting what you need before the desire arises. What you say manifests for the benefit of everyone. Utmost fulfillment.

So…may the forces be with you 😉

For more in-depth explanations please see:

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