Big Mind Small Mind-Practical Spirituality

So there’s the big mind and small mind. Big Mind, I am nothing, I want nothing..I am not this body. Small mind, I am this position, race, class,gender, I want that job and that chocolate, and ouch that hurts!! Truth is multidimensional.

The spiritual path does attempt to keep you aware of the big mind while operating in the small mind. At least that’s how I’ll put it. Balancing materialism and spirituality is hard but yeah that’s the point, because we ARE after all living in this world with a role to play. Spirituality shouldn’t numb us. I always like to think of it this way, effort is the language of the body, effortless is the language of the mind.

Another way I like to see it is, clarity of thought and dynamism in action. WE NEED TO ACT! We need to make changes around here! But we need to do with clarity, focus, and compassion, which is what comes with meditation and the like.

My sweeping generalisation from observation is that many affluent people are in the practice and become oblivious to their role, privilege and inequalities in the world. Where yoga takes place in rural areas, I see it really improving health, and reducing crime etc.

Bottom line – we are after all in this world, as much as we are not. That’s the duality of life, at least in my learning. But can people just wake up and DO something for others not just attend yoga twice a week and think that’s spirituality.

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