Leisure, Fanaticism, Distractions and Meaning- Why do we do what we do?

Is it true that any leisurely activity a distraction from so called reality or the social problems we face? Leisure is an interesting concept. I like to think about how necessary it is, how fulfilling it is, and what it means to different people.

I guess some things appeal to some people naturally, like hobbies…cars, sports, shoes, gadgets, etc. However, sometimes people can go overboard and their moods sway with the status of their favourite sports team, or condition of their belongings. More like fanaticism! Fanatic about things, people, and even gurus and sprituality. I personally can’t understand this, but I have come to accept that we are all different. I find it interesting, since I don’t really collect anything, neither am I part of a sports or dance group anymore. I enjoy many things, but I don’t really experience FOMO, I don’t ever feel like I CANNOT MISS THIS (besides nature, I literally crave that, and pizza). Recently I was told that my dominant leisure and fanaticism is more subtle: reading, arguing, debating and taking in knowledge. Many people don’t resonate with this, as much as I don’t with other things. I like questioning why we do what we do. Is it fun? Does it bring us joy? Does it bring others joy? Is it meaningful? Besides leisure, that we often use as a form of escapism rather than seeking meaning or unity, maybe we need to also start questioning our religion, social circles an careers .

Meaning rather than money, popularity, pressure, and even skill. Like I pursued a science degree because I have the skill and the grades. But I didn’t stay in microbiology because I didn’t enjoy it. I diverted to majors that I actually find meaning in, nature. I’m constantly finding meaning.I think everything else will follow when you prioritise values. At least what I’ve observed.

And if we haven’t thought further than our impulses and conditioning, if we really want to live for ourselves we need to seriously find out who we are and what’s important to us, not be dictated or pulled by society. That can lift off weight immensely. Then whatever leisurely choices you make as a result, fine. AS LONG AS THAT’S NOT ALL. As long as you’re moving away from living a purely bitter selfish indulgent existence…as long as you’re pursuing your talents and skills for something other than yourself…as long as once in a while, you ask yourself, why?…

There is so much more. I just wish for us to all recognise it.

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