About Kirtanya


I’m a real lover of life. Everyday something amazing pops into my mind and I love sharing. Sharing food, thoughts, projects, action and stories. I can’t begin to tell you who I am, because who really knows this really (I think we are made of star stuff).

To put a name to it, I’m proudly South African, and Indian by ancestry. I ¬†majored in ecology, applied biology and evolution. Currently I’m researching climate change and our oceans at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I’m an environmentalist, a student of Vedanta- the ancient knowledge of Life, ¬†a yogi, an activist, a change-agent, a smile ambassador. I live to make a difference and make the most of our amazing planet, and I believe science and spirituality are one in the same.

I love fashion, food, bollywood, dancing, sanskrit, science, music and nature.

I really am a strange combination of stuff, but I am here for a purpose, and part of that is to share.

Welcome to my untamed mind