Green Shift Africa

Green Shift Africa (GSA) is an NPO that I was part of forming in 2013, where I currently serve on the board.

This NPO was created to address the challenges of sustainable development, innovations in green technologies and food, water and energy security on the African continent.

The GSA framework is made up of three key goals:

  1. Ending energy and food poverty and increasing access to clean water and sanitation.
  2. Increasing the share of renewable energy in the African energy mix
  3. Boosting Climate Resilient Agriculture on the continent, to enhance food and Agricultural production

The vision for GSA has aims to forge new partnerships in academics, governments, business and industry, and civil societies to achieve these goals. These also include new cross-sectoral partnerships that link energy, food and water security and climate change.GSA also aims to empower, represent and involve Women and Youth in this transformation.

Follow these links to learn more:

  1. Project Geo 
  2. First African Student Energy Summit
  3. Ecoproneurs for the Climate



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